How deadly space radiation makes Moon trip impossible.
It's not a case of "Houston we have a problem", moreover "PAN's you have a very serious problem," namely 'delusions of grandeur'. Nothing new there, as I have been saying that for many years. However it's not me saying it this time, but non other than NASA, yes that's right NASA. Remember Dan Goldin's off the cuff remark to journalist Sheena McDonald in 1994, ie "Mankind cannot venture beyond Earth orbit until we can find a way to overcome deadly space radiation." Well over 24 years later it seems space radiation is still posing a major problem for space travel outside Earth orbit. Why?
Because NASA have produced a 30 minute online video, in which NASA space scientists repeat the comments made by Dan Goldin many times over during the 30 minute video, albeit, "We cannot visit the Moon or Mars because of deadly radiation beyond the magnetosphere, (500 miles from Earth)". To put it another way in which PAN's might understand, "One cannot venture to the Moon and back, unless one wants to roast one's brain."
Do me, and everyone else a favor PAN's. When you go to bed tonight, repeat to yourself over and over again, "Deadly radiation 500 miles from Earth, Moon 250,000 miles from Earth", or, as the woman in the NASA video quotes, "280,000 miles from Earth". Seems even NASA don't know how far away the Moon is, so much for the so called laser reflectors supposedly left on the Moon by astronauts.
In the meantime, if NASA claim to have sent astronauts to the Moon in the 1960's, then over 49 years later they produce a video explaining that astronauts cannot leave Earth orbit due to deadly space radiation, do they not realize just how ridiculous and stupid they make themselves look to the rest of the world?
RECIPE: Roasted Astronauts.
Place astronauts on level baking tray inside LM, (no need to pre heat). Launch LM deep into space. Set timer for 302 hours and microwave on full power, (in this case about 100 Million Mega Watts), until golden brown and crisp.
The NASA online video is entitled "Bringing the Future into Focus", and is probably the only ever truthful video from NASA. To view the online video, click (UNCLE SAM BACKS MOON HOAX). Personally I think NASA should produce a video of how they faked all the Apollo Moon missions and call it "Bringing the Past into Focus", before looking to the future.
There are more and more NASA websites appearing in which they blatantly state that space travel beyond the magnetosphere, (low-Earth orbit), is a no go. Here is a statement from http://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2005/24jun_electrostatics/
NASA's Vision for Space Exploration calls for a return to the Moon as preparation for even longer journeys to Mars and beyond. But there's a potential showstopper: radiation. Space beyond low-Earth orbit is awash with intense radiation from the Sun and from deep galactic sources such as supernovas. Astronauts en route to the Moon and Mars are going to be exposed to this radiation, increasing their risk of getting cancer and other maladies. Finding a good shield is important.
Finding a good shield is important is it? Well, how about using that same good shield that Apollo astronauts used en route to the Moon over 49 years ago?  What's that NASA you've forgotten how to make it?    
It is truly unbelievable how, on the one hand, NASA claim that space travel beyond the magnetosphere is a complete no go, yet on the other hand they claim it wasn't a problem 49 years ago during the Apollo era.
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